A42 Links

Links on the A42 site likely to be of interest to NicaLiving users.

RSS/Atom Feeds

A42.com has a host of RSS and Atom feeds. You can see the complete list at http://a42.com/backend.php. For example, the RSS feed for the forums is http://a42.com/backend.php?type=RSS2&mode=ocf_forumview. You can add parameters to restrict the number of days and number of posts.

Panajachel/Lake Atitlan

If you are interested in the Lake Atitlan area of Guatemala, you may fine AtitlanLife of interest. The site includes a weather station.

Understanding A42.com

For some, A42 may seem very complicated when compared to the old NicaLiving site. While it has more features, they generally parallel that of the old NL site and default to reasonable things. Here are some tips

  • NicaLiving had Forums and what were called Book Pages. A42 has forums and the Wiki+ which corresponds to the book pages. You get there using the How?, Where? and Why? tabs. You enter the forums using, of course, the Forum tab.
  • You can access your blog, private message features and a lot more through your profile.
  • There are monitor buttons in lots of places. Selecting to monitor something means you will receive an email when it changes or there is additional content.
  • If you don't see something (search, Galleries, Downloads, ...) return to the home page (which you can do by clicking on the A42 icon). Some things only appear on the home page to reduce clutter on other pages.
  • Unlike NL, guests can post. But, unlike logged in users, their input goes into a moderation queue.